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I'm not the best, but I aim to get better! Please, have a stroll through my gallery. All children left unattended will be drawn and studied closely.

A bit of a warning though: I experiment a lot, so quality ranges throughout the whole gallery.



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:iconglitch-republic: :iconborealisregion: :iconstmortiel: :iconlilycove-high:

I am Rin. Or Dizzy. Whichever you prefer. I have over... 20 nicknames? New ones are added frequently, so feel free to contribute to the ever growing list!
I'm 18, I live in Australia and I like creating art, obviously. I love traditional and digital art, and experiment with both!

I am an avid gamer, and as such are a fan of most games I play. Though a lack of consoles and games means that I just watch LP's and become fans of games I see there. That counts, right? I love vintage things, ferris wheels, carousels, tea and learning about other cultures.

Hope you enjoy looking at my art experimentations!

My tumblr:
On-Fire chatroom (private):…
Hey friendlies!

Lately I've been wondering if my style was too... I dunno, generic?
Like, can you recognise my style of art if my name wasn't on it? Is my colouring bland? Does my lineart look blah?
I feel like there's something I can't put my finger on in my art that makes it feel generic, and I don't know what that is.

Maybe I'm thinking too much into this. Hmm.

I need some blackberry pie.
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I really need a new DeviantArt ID... This one's not very like me at all, haha! Well... Maybe the hair. And eyes. And hat.
I still need a new one though, pfft XD
LH - Arizona Cartell by dizzyrin
LH - Arizona Cartell


:bulletpurple: Name: Arizona Cartell

:bulletgreen: Age: 16

:bulletpurple: Birthday: September 5th

:bulletgreen: Year: 10

:bulletpurple: Trainer: No

:bulletgreen: Hometown: Singera City

:bulletpurple: Pokémon: Leafeon

:bulletgreen: Move: Synthesise: upon getting an injury, the injury will glow slightly and heal. It will heal quicker on sunny days and slower on rainy days. Typically, Arizona doesn’t notice. She's usually preoccupied with other things.

:bulletpurple: Personality:

Full of energy, Ari is a bubbly girl with a kind heart. She’s always up for adventure and learning new things, but her energetic forwardness can put some people off. Used to making decisions quickly, unfortunately she’s quite hasty but her fearless optimism makes up for any bad decision she makes. When you talk to Arizona you’ll quickly realise that she’s quite dramatic and over-exaggerates her stories, to the point where she’ll make up a wide range of theories to prove her point. All in all, Arizona is a loyal friend who would go to the ends of the earth for anyone, but her hasty and overly forward demeanour make her quite clumsy if she’s not really paying attention. However, providing she has a set job to do and she isn’t slacking off, she won’t be clumsy at all and will focus on the job at hand. Ari doesn’t get angry often, and if anything she’ll be pouty a little bit, but beware if you do make her angry because this girl turns fierce. She forgives easily, but you do NOT want to be on her bad side. Looks aren’t everything, you know! Don’t let her optimism fool you!

:bulletgreen: Bio:

The Cartell family didn’t find anything odd with Arizona for the longest time. By all accounts, she was exceptionally ordinary! Her haircolour was natural, her eyes were fine and no odd happenings surrounded the bubbly little girl, so they weren’t concerned. Of course, the fact remains that she was adopted, so that could be the reason they were so utterly shocked that anything unusual would happen to her, but it was later on that they inclined to think she was a little bit different.

Arizona never knew her birthparents. She never knew her adoptive mother either, having been involved in a fatal car accident just months after Arizona was adopted. However, her adoptive father and older brother Bryson were all the family she could hope for. And Agnes, of course, the elderly woman who became the family’s grandmother; she took care of Arizona as the boys were busy in the business the family owned. Agnes was a kind soul, a gentle change to the hustle and bustle of the big city. When Arizona visited the older woman, there was always something new to learn, even if the whole day was spent quietly tending to the apartment’s rooftop garden or practicing the same song on the violin over and over again. Agnes insisted that a growing girl like Arizona needed to learn to slow down in this fast world, but as Ari grew older and more responsibilities were pushed on her, the young girl couldn’t quite see what she meant.

It was on one such day that Arizona was learning one of the quickest ways to cook the restaurant’s most notable dishes, when she clumsily and accidentally spilt scalding water on her arm. The family was amazed to see that her arm glowed and the mark was gone before she’d even reached the running cold water. She insisted that she was fine and that she couldn’t feel a thing, but both Bryson and Mr. Cartell were quite concerned… They never spoke of the incident to anyone and insisted it didn’t happen. Deciding that cooking would have to be a gradually learnt skill, Arizona was assigned the role of waitress and receptionist, to which she flourished at. Though Mr. Cartell taught her how to be respectable and sophisticated with the customers, Agnes insisted on letting Ari’s personality shine through, which added a sort of charm to the restaurant.

Arizona saw less and less of Agnes as time went on, until one day the elderly woman had a teary farewell as she moved to the fresh air of Fortree City in Hoenn. Deeply saddened by this, seeing as Agnes was the only source of calm in this city, Ari took to going for walks before the restaurant opened. It was on one of these such walks that Ari found herself stopping by a sleepy café, the exotic smell of coffee and warmth inviting her in. As if unable to resist, the girl sat down by herself and braved to order something she had never had time for before; a cup of hot tea. Usually gulping down all manners of quick beverages like soda and juice, Arizona never really had time for making a drink like this. It was far too slow for such a fast lifestyle. The café swallowed her up in its atmosphere of sleepy poets and people-watching artists and giggling schoolgirls from the school down the road, all people looking to wind down after a long day. This was her new calm spot. Arizona made a point to visit any café she came across on her walks, and she relished in the opportunity of winding down before a shift where no one cared who she was nor knew that she was the daughter of the rich Mr. Cartell, owner of the fancy restaurant downtown.

Sleepy cafes could not replace Agnes however, and so every month the girl would travel to Hoenn by herself to stay with the older woman. On one of these trips, when she was running in the garden she tripped and fell over a winding vine, cutting her knee. Being a particularly sunny day outside, Ari suddenly felt great and beamed with confidence! She looked down at her knee to see that it glowed and healed like new, and it was only strange to her until Agnes pointed it out one day, having seen it happen. Explaining that many other such experiences had happened to her in the past, Arizona quickly realized that she was the only person that could do such a thing. Until she met the young Josephine, however.

Agnes had corresponded with a friend of hers in Fortree, a woman by the name of Jefferson Hart. In conversation one day, Agnes let slip about Arizona and how strange it was, to which Jefferson revealed the strange happenings that surrounded the young girl she was fostering, Josephine Thorne. Wishing to understand more of this, the two women organised for the girls to meet. Arizona, although excited, was quite nervous to meet this younger girl. What would she be like? Did she really set things on fire, or was that just stories? Her worries seemed to be all for naught when she finally met the girl, and they hit it off almost immediately. Ari finally met someone like her! An interesting artist with an equally as thrilling history and culture. The girls quickly became good friends, but the fact remained that they couldn’t see each other all that often, what with Ari having to work at her father's restaurant every night and Jo setting things on fire at every school she went to. There had to be something Ari could do. She couldn’t stand seeing her friend so despondant.

Visiting Hoenn had its advantages. Ari soon caught wind of a high school in Lilycove City, one that catered to special students. She didn’t think much of it at first, until she researched the school and found out something peculiar; they didn’t mean ‘special’ as in ‘extremely talented and super rich’, they meant special as in… Ubers! Students like herself and Josephine! Overly excited and eager to relay this information, she discussed this school with Josephine who was understandably excited to join. Agnes agreed that with Ari being homeschooled all her life, it was high time she socialised with kids her age, so she managed to convince an unwilling Mr. Cartell to let his daughter attend this specialized school. Ari stayed with Agnes, with baited breath, as she waited for a response from Lilycove High regarding her application…

:bulletpurple: Hobbies: Apart from the violin, which she enjoys practicing, Ari’s quite fond of gardening. She does cook in her spare time, and she’s quite good at it, but she doesn’t enjoy it that much. Likewise though she likes gardening, she always tends to do something wrong that kills off the plants. Otherwise, if you could call ‘collecting cute keychains’ and ‘visiting every café in existence’ hobbies, then that would be true for Ari too.

:bulletgreen: Clubs/Teams: N/A

:bulletpurple: Pokéballs: Only one, nothing in it yet. She aims to get a pet one day.

:bulletgreen: Fun Facts:

- The only thing that is potentially strange with her appearance, are the small grass stains that appear on her head, arms, legs, chest and back. They are usually passed off as bruises and aren’t that notable, but they do seem to be permanent. (In every spot that a leafeon has a growing leaf is basically where these spots are)

- Due to her starter move being Synthesise, Ari tends to become less confident on rainy days and more so on sunny days. This is probably why she hates the rain so much.

- Only recently has she been letting her hair do what it normally does; she usually straightened it for Singera City life, but now she’s quite happy to let it naturally be.

- She loves tea! Give her tea and she’ll love you forever.

- She has a collection of keychains on her bag and pencil case, and seems to add to it often.

- She stays in the dorms usually, but on occasion she’ll travel back to Fortree to stay with Agnes.

- Her poncho is one of many that Agnes made for her, and she adores it.

- Her favourite colour is purple!

Arizona Cartell (c) dizzyrin
Josephine Thorne and Jefferson Hart (c) KayVeeDee

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DFTPAY - Jaclyn by dizzyrin
DFTPAY - Jaclyn
The clown girl started practicing with her new juggling balls, but quickly had to remind a disturbed Hannah that they weren't from real Girafarigs... Maybe these juggling balls weren't the best idea!

Fourth DFTPAY done, and I got to nab TamarinFrog! Muahaha, now we're even hahaha~
I thought of drawing the whole clown getup, but then I thought of this scenario and had to draw it! Plus Jac might not practice in her clown costume all the time, right?

Jac and Hannah (c) TamarinFrog 
Art (c) dizzyrin



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