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Watch me be as inconsistent as possible with my art style, haha.
Hope you have fun looking around!



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I am Rin. Or Dizzy. Whichever you prefer. I have over... 20 nicknames? New ones are added frequently, so feel free to contribute to the ever growing list!
I'm 19, I live in Australia and I like creating art, obviously. I love traditional and digital art, and experiment with both!

I am an avid gamer, and as such are a fan of most games I play. Though a lack of consoles and games means that I just watch LP's and become fans of games I see there. That counts, right? I love vintage things, ferris wheels, carousels, tea and learning about other cultures.

Hope you enjoy looking at my art experimentations!

My tumblr:
On-Fire chatroom (private):…
I got excited and took photos of everything instead of scanning them, haha. It's just quicker and easier!

Anyways. This is a giant journal talking about what :iconespial-world: Espial-World could have been if my original plans went through! It's all about the main setting of the group, Perosa, and the characters that once inhabited this mystical place.

Ok, so this is probably going to get really rambly because this was my first comic project, haha! All of the info is still in my head, oh man. It’s strange to actually use the first OCs I ever created for something! Usually they just… Fizzle out and die somewhere in the void. But anyways. On to rambling.

Perosa was my first comic project, and was inspired by the current animes I was watching at the time. I named it Perosa because that was the island that these characters had to go to. The Island of Perosaaaa! So dramatic! Haha. I couldn’t concrete a solid plot, but from bits and pieces in my sketchbooks, the basis of it was that there were these people who had magical abilities called ‘Irens’. There was a sub-branch called ‘Aniables’ (not ‘amiable’) who were basically hardcore OP people. Anyways, if you know the Anime/Manga Gakuen Alice, this will sound very familiar to you, haha. Basically the government decided that because 60% of crime was being done by people with Irens, all must be dangerous, therefore all must be segregated on this newly discovered uninhabited island called Perosa. You get the picture. Same plot in every single superhero genre, pffthaha! The main character was an orphan who was transported to Perosa for no apparent reason, discovered that she had an Iren all along, and had to fight villains or something. WITH FRIENDSHIP! Five of the Espial-World NPCs are originally Perosa OCs. I won’t tell you who, but you can guess about three of them with any certainty.

Here’s some cover pages I did!

 Title Pages by dizzyrin
Oh gosh! Look at how anime that is, hahaha! Ah man... Cherry Blossoms everywhere too, this is hilarious! Both in watercolour pencils, I think.

Time to talk about who's on the front cover, haha!

Anoko Hace was my first ever OC, and she was the main character of Perosa. Her favourite colour was yellow, and for some reason she always kept the lighter colour of her hair that hung by her cheeks? It just stuck. Her original name was Anna, but I changed it to Anoko because it sounded Japanese. I know! I know that’s so bad! Ahaha, oh man, someone tell my 13 y.o. self what appropriation is… It’s not an actual Japanese name, it’s one that I made up, but the reasoning behind the name is… dodgy, hah. It kinda stuck. Pfft. Her Iren has always been the ability to heal. I guess some traits carry on through time… *coughYoudidn’thearthatfrommeCough*

Have some visual Development from 2009 to the present time!

 Anoko Dev by dizzyrin
I remember when I got my hair cut short for the first time, I had a sudden realisation and exclaimed to my friends, "I LOOK LIKE MY OC...! AAH NO"
Style changes were very rapid in those years! I can very clearly tell what anime/manga I was referencing: Top two were Gakuen Alice, then it went on to Fruits Basket, Ouran (probably) and then Full Moon o Sagashite. After that it was my own style taking place until it was no longer anime inspired, haha.

Sachiko was Sunny and then Susume and then Sachiko and she switches between those three the most because... Well, I think her Iren was the ability to duplicate herself. She liked to trick people into believing that she was a triplet, but her real motive was to get attention, I think. She had a crush on a certain popular guy and wanted him to give her attention. None of those names is her real name, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Visual Development from 2009 to the present time!

 Sachiko Dev by dizzyrin
She was very influenced in her design (skin and hair mainly) by my irl friend who gushed with me about art and anime and whatever else. I'd never admit it though, ahaha. I guess if you see this now, my friend? Consider this a confession of borrowing your looks for my character! Haha. The most recent picture of Sunny doesn't resemble my friend in the slightest, so she really changed her looks a lot for Espial World.

And here comes the embarrassing yet hilarious bit, yes I made a self-insert character, bahaha! Her name was Rin, then it changed to Riina (so that’s totally not self-insert anymore amiright), and she was an Aniable I think. That’s where my little symbol comes from! The symbol is my artistic signature now. Anyways, there was also the brooding mysterious not-actually-evil antagonist Yoro, and his actually-evil brother Disaro (that name should be ringing some bells) who was like… The final boss, if you will. Disar Lake comes from Disaro, and Yoro was originally going to be the river that ran through the Perosan Islands in Espial World, but I changed that to Daro because of another fallen OC who I miss dearly. Kudos to you if you know who (or what, I guess) that oc is. Anyways, then there was the influential, rose petals everywhere, fabulous and handsome guy Robin, whose name was originally Hyta, then Daichi, then Robin finally. Love interest of Sachiko, still is, *cough* you didn’t hear that.

Have some Side-Character Visual Development from 2009-present!

 Minor Char Dev by dizzyrin
It's so embarrassing but so hilarious at the same time! Ah man, I love looking at these old sketches XD

And aah, the comics! I contracted two-week syndrome on all the mock pages I did, so none of them got finished. Some were purely worldbuilding, some were the endless repeated beginnings of the story, but all of them were a lot of fun. Yes, Anoko has a brother. Photoshop and scanning was still a mystery to me, but it was fun to play around with everything! Have some random comic-ey things:

 Comic Dev by dizzyrin
Some of them weren't that bad! I remember being endlessly proud of the third picture there, in the last panel. I was like YEAH THAT LOOKS GOOD! AAH! Aaand the last two pages were part of a mock book, the type that children's picture book makers do to understand the layout and such. Basically what you do is (in my case) rule up the pages, fold them over, do thumbnail sketches and connect them all together using paperclips (or tape them or whatever) so that you have a little book. I did about... six pages of this one.

Random sketches of Anoko are in just about every one of my sketchbooks spanning over 6 years, so I was very committed to one day actually making Perosa a thing, but it never happened. I’m kinda glad it didn’t though, because it taught me when to let go of an idea. And what do you know? I’m finally able to revive my OCs in a way I could never have imagined possible before, so it’s not a complete waste! It’s very fun!

Anyways, I hope that was interesting to you. Maybe one day I’ll scrounge around my sketchbooks again and do the visual development for Arizona and Vega and anyone else I can find? Haha. It’s a lot of fun to see where you were, and see where you are now. I’m very happy with my progress, it’s definitely been an adventure!


So here’s to more stories and more adventures! And of course, improving artistic ability~


  • Mood: Astonished
  • Listening to: Lucy Rose
  • Watching: One Punch Man
  • Playing: Majora's Mask
  • Drinking: Russian Caravan tea! My favourite!


Confession: Every time I create a character, I also create a Mii for them on my 3DS. It's fun!
Seph by dizzyrin
Painted using Colours!3D on my 3DS.
Watch the redraw here!

So before I had concreted any plans for my Magical Beings series, I painted Sephy on my 3ds for some reason because I didn't want to use PS. I just wanted to test out if I could still use this program, haha. Turns out I can! I had sketches of her, but I hadn't figured out the colours yet, so I decided to paint her here; I think I'll give her freckles next time. Yeah!

This painting looks kinda awkward in places, but I had fun with it and that's the main thing. Also Bokeh effects are fun, note to self.

Seph and art (c) dizzyrin
Misty Dell by dizzyrin
Misty Dell

I wonder how many people read Nutmeg's app? You'll find an interesting physical trait there I didn't show visually until now.

ANYWHO! Back to this illustration! I'm so proud of this, seriously. I did use a reference photo, but I'm starting to understand backgrounds a whole lot more now. Namely, the fact that colour can be used with shapes to suggest features, as opposed to drawing every single detail. I liked the mist in my reference photo, and the warm colours too! I'm still trying to figure out undergrowth, but it'll come to me eventually. I learnt a lot painting this~

I'd like to imagine that deeper in the forest of Perosa is a lot of mist and forest paths. You know Nutmeg would be all about that, haha.

Art (c) dizzyrin

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